Respect matters: Design and Technologies

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Design and Technologies

Through the Design and Technologies curriculum, students develop knowledge, understanding and skills that can play a role in enriching and transforming societies. They become discerning decision makers and develop critical thinking skills as they create ideas, processes and solutions taking social, ethical and sustainability considerations into account. Design and Technologies requires students to use design thinking and respond to the designed world. The design process involves authentic consultation to build empathy and when students involve all stakeholders in the planning, process and outcome, solutions are more likely to be appropriate and respectful. Students develop a sense of pride, satisfaction and enjoyment from their ability to develop innovative designed products, services and environments. This can have a positive impact on their sense of identity. Students typically work collaboratively in groups where they can develop respectful relationships and conflict management skills. The Design and Technologies curriculum is written to engage students from Foundation to Year 8. In Years 9 and 10 it is offered as an elective.

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Negotiate criteria for success that include sustainability to evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions - ACTDEP027

Examine how people in design and technologies occupations address competing considerations, including sustainability in the design of products, services, and environments for current and future use - ACTDEK019