Glossary (Version 8.4)

Can be defined as the practice of selecting and executing safe movement. The focus is on providing dance activities and exercises which allow students to participate without risk of injury. All dance movement should be performed relevant to an individual’s body type and capabilities.

The dramatic action that occurs in a particular time and place; a section of a play.

A collection of notated representations of sound used to communicate musical information. Scores can use graphic, traditional, invented or stylistically specific symbols.

The linking together of series of ideas, much like words are linked together to form sentences and paragraphs:

In Dance, a choreographic device where movements are linked together to form a series of movements/phrases.

In Media Arts, a series of still and/or moving images with or without sound are intentionally put into an order.

In Music, a melodic, rhythmic or harmonic pattern. It can also describe the process or product of arranging blocks of music using ‘sequencing’ software.

In Drama, the setting and circumstances of the dramatic action – the who, what, where, when and what is at stake of the roles/characters.

In Media Arts, aural effects e.g. Loudness, softness, ambient noise or music.

In Dance, where the body moves, including level, dimension, direction, shape, active space, positive space, negative space, planes, pathways, general space, personal space and performance space.

In Drama, the space of the performance and audience, fictional space of the dramatic action and the emotional space between characters.

In Media Arts, the distance and relationship between objects, sounds or text or the depiction of place.

In Media Arts, selecting and organising the elements of structure, intent, characters, settings and points of view within the conventions of a genre, such as a Hollywood love story that follows a pattern of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl.

the influencing context of an artwork, such as Impressionist in Visual Arts; ballet or hip hop in Dance; Romanticism in Music; or postmodern, twenty-first century or contemporary, among many others.

In Drama, associations that occur when something is used to represent something else to reinforce or extend dramatic meaning.