The Australian Curriculum: Framework for Aboriginal Languages and Torres Strait Islander Languages aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to ensure that students:

  • communicate in the language
  • understand language, culture, and learning and their relationship, and thereby develop an intercultural capability in communication
  • understand themselves as communicators
  • understand the process of language building as a means to extend the potential of the language (in vocabulary, expression and discourse) and to develop knowledge of linguistic techniques (such as, collecting, describing and recording language), including processes of language revival.

These four aims are interrelated and provide the basis for the two organising strands: Communicating and Understanding.

Aboriginal Languages belong to the Country and the Aboriginal people of that Country. It is important for Aboriginal people to learn Aboriginal Languages for our identity; being proud of being Aboriginal people. Language is connected to Aboriginal spirit and our Country. The language and Country is our spirit.

Mary Noonan, Rockhampton Downs, Wogyala Community, ACARA consultation forum, Alice Springs, June 2013