Glossary (Version 8.4)

A part of a dating system, an abbreviation of ‘anno Domini’, meaning ‘in the year of our Lord’; the years after the birth of Christ.

As defined in the Australian Curriculum: History, the ancient period covers history from the development of early human communities (from 60 000 BCE) to the end of late antiquity (around 650 CE).

A national remembrance in Australia for the troops that fought at Gallipoli in Turkey (April–December 1915) during World War I, and for Australians who have fought in subsequent conflicts. The acronym ANZAC refers to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC).

Something made or shaped by humans for their use, such as a stone tool, a metal sword, a letter, a plastic toy, usually of historical interest.

As defined in the Australian Curriculum: History, Asia refers to the territorial area that extends from the western border of Pakistan, to the northern border of Mongolia, the eastern border of Japan, and to the southern border of Indonesia.