Learning Continuum of Personal and Social Capability

This element involves students interacting effectively and respectfully with a range of adults and peers.

Students learn to negotiate and communicate effectively with others; work in teams, positively contribute to groups and collaboratively make decisions; resolve conflict and reach positive outcomes. They develop the ability to initiate and manage successful personal relationships, and participate in a range of social and communal activities. Social management involves building skills associated with leadership, such as mentoring and role modelling. In developing and acting with personal and social capability, students:

  • communicate effectively
  • work collaboratively
  • make decisions
  • negotiate and resolve conflict
  • develop leadership skills.

Level 5

Typically by the end of Year 8, students:

Communicate effectively

analyse enablers of and barriers to effective verbal, nonverbal and digital communication

Work collaboratively

assess the extent to which individual roles and responsibilities enhance group cohesion and the achievement of personal and group objectives

Make decisions

assess individual and group decision-making processes in challenging situations

Negotiate and resolve conflict

assess the appropriateness of various conflict resolution strategies in a range of social and work-related situations

Develop leadership skills

plan school and community projects, applying effective problem-solving and team-building strategies, and making the most of available resources to achieve goals