Learning Continuum of Personal and Social Capability (Version 8.4)

This element involves students recognising others’ feelings and knowing how and when to assist others.

Students learn to show respect for and understand others’ perspectives, emotional states and needs. They learn to participate in positive, safe and respectful relationships, defining and accepting individual and group roles and responsibilities. Students gain an understanding of the role of advocacy in contemporary society and build their capacity to critique societal constructs and forms of discrimination, such as racism and sexism. In developing and acting with personal and social capability, students:

  • appreciate diverse perspectives
  • contribute to civil society
  • understand relationships.

Level 1b

Typically by the end of Foundation Year, students:

Appreciate diverse perspectives

acknowledge that people hold many points of view

Contribute to civil society

describe ways they can help at home and school

Understand relationships

explore relationships through play and group experiences