Learning Continuum of Personal and Social Capability

This element involves students developing the metacognitive skill of learning when and how to use particular strategies to manage themselves in a range of situations.

Students effectively regulate, manage and monitor their own emotional responses, and persist in completing tasks and overcoming obstacles. They develop organisational skills and identify the resources needed to achieve goals. Students develop the skills to work independently and to show initiative, learn to be conscientious, delay gratification and persevere in the face of setbacks and frustrations. In developing and acting with personal and social capability, students:

  • express emotions appropriately
  • develop self-discipline and set goals
  • work independently and show initiative
  • become confident, resilient and adaptable.

Level 3

Typically by the end of Year 4, students:

Express emotions appropriately

identify and describe strategies to manage and moderate emotions in increasingly unfamiliar situations

Develop self-discipline and set goals

explain the value of self-discipline and goal-setting in helping them to learn

Work independently and show initiative

consider, select and adopt a range of strategies for working independently and taking initiative

Become confident resilient and adaptable

persist with tasks when faced with challenges and adapt their approach where first attempts are not successful