Learning Continuum of Numeracy (Version 8.4)

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This element involves students using numbers for different purposes.

Students apply skills in estimating and calculating with whole numbers to solve and model everyday problems in a wide range of authentic contexts using efficient mental, written and digital strategies. They identify situations where money is used and apply their knowledge of the value of money to purchasing, budgeting and justifying the use of money. In developing and acting with numeracy, students:

  • understand and use numbers in context
  • estimate and calculate
  • use money.

Level 6

Typically by the end of Year 10, students:

Understand and use numbers in context

use different ways to represent very large and very small numbers including scientific notation

Estimate and calculate

solve and model problems involving complex data by estimating and calculating using a variety of efficient mental, written and digital strategies

Use money

evaluate financial plans to support specific financial goals