Learning Continuum of Literacy (Version 8.4)

This element involves students understanding the role of grammatical features in the construction of meaning in the texts they compose and comprehend.

Students understand how different types of sentence structures present, link and elaborate ideas, and how different types of words and word groups convey information and represent ideas in the learning areas. They gain understanding of the grammatical features through which opinion, evaluation, point of view and bias are constructed in texts. In developing and acting with literacy, students:

  • use knowledge of sentence structures
  • use knowledge of words and word groups
  • express opinion and point of view.

Level 2

Typically by the end of Year 2, students:

Express opinion and point of view

identify and use language that expresses feelings and opinions, and compares and evaluates people and things

Use knowledge of sentence structures

use simple and compound sentences to record observations, and make connections between ideas

Use knowledge of words and word groups

recognise and use nouns that represent people, places, things and ideas in the learning area and expand nouns to achieve greater precision