Learning Continuum of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability

This element involves students investigating questions, topics or problems using ICT.

Students use ICT to define and plan information searches of a range of primary and secondary sources. They locate, access, generate, organise and/or analyse data and information and apply criteria to verify the integrity and value of the digital data, information and sources using ICT. In developing and acting with ICT capability, students:

  • define and plan information searches
  • locate, generate and access data and information
  • select and evaluate data and information.

Level 6

Typically by the end of Year 10, students:

Define and plan information searches

select and use a range of ICT independently and collaboratively, analyse information to frame questions and plan search strategies or data generation

Select and evaluate data and information

develop and use criteria systematically to evaluate the quality, suitability and credibility of located data or information and sources

Locate generate and access data and information

use advanced search tools and techniques or simulations and digital models to locate or generate precise data and information that supports the development of new understandings