Learning Continuum of Critical and Creative Thinking (Version 8.4)

This element involves students reflecting on, adjusting and explaining their thinking and identifying the thinking behind choices, strategies and actions taken.

Students think about thinking (metacognition), reflect on actions and processes, and transfer knowledge into new contexts to create alternatives or open up possibilities. They apply knowledge gained in one context to clarify another. In developing and acting with critical and creative thinking, students:

  • think about thinking (metacognition)
  • reflect on processes
  • transfer knowledge into new contexts.

Level 2

Typically by the end of Year 2, students:

Think about thinking (metacognition)

describe the thinking strategies used in given situations and tasks

Reflect on processes

outline the details and sequence in a whole task and separate it into workable parts

Transfer knowledge into new contexts

use information from a previous experience to inform a new idea