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Year 7 Science Content Description

Science Inquiry Skills

Planning and conducting

Collaboratively and individually plan and conduct a range of investigation types, including fieldwork and experiments, ensuring safety and ethical guidelines are followed (ACSIS125 - Scootle )

  • collaborating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in planning scientific investigations, and seeking guidance regarding culturally sensitive locations during fieldwork

This elaboration provides students with an opportunity to develop this core Science Inquiry Skill whilst addressing intercultural science inquiry skills relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures within the context of the following content description(s) from the Science Understanding and/or Science as a Human Endeavour strand(s). 

Classification helps organise the diverse group of organisms (ACSSU111) 

A potential way to approach this content description is: 

Students could plan a field investigation. When planning the field work it is ethically appropriate to consult with the relevant Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people whose traditional Country/Place they are conducting science on, such as botanical or zoological surveys. These types of collaborations ensure that scientists are not accessing or disturbing culturally sensitive locations, such as burial sites or mens/womens sites.