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Key ideas

Overarching idea: Creating preferred futures The Technologies curriculum provides students with opportunities to consider how solutions that are created now will be used in the future. Students will identify the possible benefits and risks of creating …

Key ideas | Technologies | F-10 curriculum

Key ideas Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education propositions The Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education has been shaped by five interrelated propositions that are informed by a strong and diverse research base for a futures-oriented curriculum: Focus on educative …

Key ideas | Health and Physical Education | F-10 curriculum

Structure Health and Physical Education

Strands, sub-strands and threads The Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education is organised into two content strands: personal, social and community health and movement and physical activity. Each strand contains content descriptions which …

Structure | Health and Physical Education | F-10 curriculum

Cross-curriculum priorities

The Australian Curriculum gives special attention to three cross-curriculum priorities: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia sustainability. The cross-curriculum priorities are embedded …

Cross-curriculum priorities | Languages | F-10 curriculum

Structure Geography

The Australian Curriculum: Geography is organised in two related strands: geographical knowledge and understanding, and geographical inquiry and skills. Geographical knowledge and understanding strand Geographical knowledge refers to the facts, generalisations, …

Structure | Geography | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Structure Design and Technologies

The Australian Curriculum: Design and Technologies (F–10) comprises two related strands: Design and Technologies knowledge and understanding – the use, development and impact of technologies and design ideas across a range of technologies contexts Design …

Structure | Design and Technologies | Technologies | F-10 curriculum

Context statement French

The place of the French language and culture in Australia and in the world French is a major world language, spoken as the first language in more than two dozen countries on five continents and as an official language in 33 countries. First …

Context statement | French | Languages | F-10 curriculum

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