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Elaboration ACTDEK032

comparing land and water management methods in contemporary Australian food and fibre production with traditional Aboriginal systems and countries of Asia, for example minimum-tillage cropping, water-efficient irrigation

literacy personal-social critical-creative intercultural-understanding aboriginal-torres asia-australia sustainability

Elaboration | ACTDEK032 | Content Descriptions | Years 7 and 8 | Design and Technologies | Technologies | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (1) ACHASSI040

interpreting flowcharts and geographic and concept maps to explore system connections (for example, places members of their class are connected to, where some food comes from, how Aboriginal songlines connect places)

literacy critical-creative personal-social aboriginal-torres

Elaboration (1) | ACHASSI040 | Content Descriptions | Year 2 | HASS | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (2) ACHEK028

investigating the innovative ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples utilise their cultural knowledge in contemporary contexts in enterprising ways (for example, cultural tourism and other business ventures that harness traditional knowledge …

ethical-understanding literacy intercultural-understanding critical-creative personal-social aboriginal-torres

Elaboration (2) | ACHEK028 | Content Descriptions | Year 8 | Economics and Business | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

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