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Context statement Korean

The place of the Korean culture and language in Australia and the world Korean is the language of one of Australia’s important neighbours in the Asian region and is spoken by around 80 million people in the Korean Peninsula and worldwide. …

Context statement | Korean | Languages | F-10 curriculum

PDF documents Korean

Resources and support materials for the Australian Curriculum: Languages - Korean are available as PDF documents.  Languages - Korean: Sequence of content Languages - Korean: Sequence of Achievement - F-10 Sequence Languages - Korean: Sequence of Achievement …

PDF documents | Korean | Languages | F-10 curriculum

Primary matters - Issue 11, May 2017

The Primary Matters newsletter, prepared by the ACARA Curriculum team, highlights news and updates on projects relating to primary education in Australia.  Three dimensions of Australian Curriculum  In this edition, we highlight the three dimensions of …

Primary matters - Issue 11, May 2017 | Publications | Resources and publications

Primary matters - Issue 20 - Australian Curriculum resources, December 2019

This edition of Primary Matters unpacks a range of Australian Curriculum resources and new work samples published throughout 2019.  Stories from curriculum specialists Caty Morris and Danielle Cavanagh showcase recently published resources that support …

Primary matters - Issue 20 - Australian Curriculum resources, December 2019 | Publications | Resources and publications

Context statement French

The place of the French language and culture in Australia and in the world French is a major world language, spoken as the first language in more than two dozen countries on five continents and as an official language in 33 countries. First …

Context statement | French | Languages | F-10 curriculum

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