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Represent money values in multiple ways and count the change required for simple transactions to the nearest five cents

numeracy critical-creative Elaborations ScOT Terms

ACMNA059 | Content Descriptions | Year 3 | Mathematics | F-10 curriculum


Solve problems involving purchases and the calculation of change to the nearest five cents with and without digital technologies

literacy numeracy information-communication critical-creative Elaborations ScOT Terms

ACMNA080 | Content Descriptions | Year 4 | Mathematics | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration ACMMG110

investigating the ways time was and is measured in different Aboriginal Country, such as using tidal change

intercultural-understanding critical-creative numeracy aboriginal-torres

Elaboration | ACMMG110 | Content Descriptions | Year 5 | Mathematics | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (1) ACMMG142

understanding that translations, rotations and reflections can change the position and orientation but not shape or size

critical-creative numeracy

Elaboration (1) | ACMMG142 | Content Descriptions | Year 6 | Mathematics | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (1) ACMMG108

investigating alternative measures of scale to demonstrate that these vary between countries and change over time, for example temperature measurement in Australia, Indonesia, Japan and USA

literacy critical-creative numeracy asia-australia

Elaboration (1) | ACMMG108 | Content Descriptions | Year 5 | Mathematics | F-10 curriculum

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