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Theories of the decline of Angkor, such as the overuse of water resources, neglect of public works as a result of ongoing war, and the effects of climate change

intercultural-understanding critical-creative asia-australia sustainability Elaborations ScOT Terms

ACDSEH062 | Content Descriptions | Year 8 | History | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum


Responses of governments, including the Australian Government, and international organisations to environmental threats since the 1960s, including deforestation and climate change

ethical-understanding critical-creative intercultural-understanding sustainability Elaborations ScOT Terms

ACDSEH128 | Content Descriptions | Year 10 | History | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum


Investigate, analyse and synthesise information obtained from a range of sources on topics and issues related to their Country/Place and community[Key concepts: change, social and environmental issues, community initiatives/ projects, health and well-being; …

literacy critical-creative personal-social intercultural-understanding aboriginal-torres sustainability Elaborations ScOT Terms

ACLFWC048 | Content Descriptions | Years 7 to 10 | Years F–10 Sequence | First Language Learner Pathway (L1) | Framework for Aboriginal Languages and Torres Strait Islander Languages | Languages | F-10 curriculum

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