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Elaboration (1) ACMMG108

investigating alternative measures of scale to demonstrate that these vary between countries and change over time, for example temperature measurement in Australia, Indonesia, Japan and USA

literacy critical-creative numeracy asia-australia

Elaboration (1) | ACMMG108 | Content Descriptions | Year 5 | Mathematics | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration ACHHS148

placing historical events in sequence to identify broader patterns of continuity and change (for example, the Polynesian expansion across the Pacific; the stability of the Angkor/Khmer Empire over many centuries)

numeracy critical-creative literacy asia-australia

Elaboration | ACHHS148 | Content Descriptions | Year 8 | History | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration ACDSEH062

exploring theories about the decline of the Khmer civilisation (for example, the development of an unstable climate such as drought and monsoons; the rise of Theravada Buddhism; the breakdown of Angkor’s water management system)

critical-creative intercultural-understanding literacy asia-australia sustainability

Elaboration | ACDSEH062 | Content Descriptions | Year 8 | History | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration ACHGK073

describing the nature of the environmental change and its effect on the sustainability of environmental functions

literacy critical-creative asia-australia sustainability

Elaboration | ACHGK073 | Content Descriptions | Year 10 | Geography | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (4) ACTDEK029

investigating traditional and contemporary design and technologies, including from Asia, and predicting how they might change in the future in response to factors such as social change and the need for more sustainable patterns of living

critical-creative literacy information-communication intercultural-understanding personal-social asia-australia sustainability

Elaboration (4) | ACTDEK029 | Content Descriptions | Years 7 and 8 | Design and Technologies | Technologies | F-10 curriculum

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