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Report Findings: Qualitative Data

Participating schools were asked to report against the project aims as part of their evaluation. This section provides a summary of their responses and outlines additional benefits of the project.

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Advice for Implementation

Advice School reports and surveys for students and staff members provided valuable insight into what contributes to a successful project. Schools Strong commitment from the school as a whole is vital for the success of such a project. Key to project success …

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STEM in the Australian Curriculum

STEM is addressed in the Australian Curriculum through the learning areas of Science, Technologies and Mathematics, and through general capabilities, particularly Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability, and Critical and Creative …

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Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and STEM education have become the focus of considerable political, industry and media commentary. Widespread concern about Australia’s performance in STEM disciplines and take-up of STEM careers …

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In general, this project highlighted the strong and natural links between the Australian Curriculum: Science, Mathematics and Technologies. ACARA’s STEM Connections project was well-received by participating schools, with the majority of students and …

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References & Appendices

Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority (ACARA) F–10 Curriculum. (viewed November 2014) (viewed November 2014) (viewed …

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Report Findings: Benefits & Challenges

Many teachers commented on the unanticipated benefits for their students from their involvement in the STEM Connections project. The development of general capabilities, such as Critical and Creative Thinking, and Personal and Social Capability, was overwhelmingly …

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