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Years 9 and 10 Dance

In Dance, students: build on their awareness of the body and how it is used in particular dance styles extend their understanding and use space, time, dynamics and relationships to expand their choreographic intentions extend the combinations of …

Years 9 and 10 | Dance | The Arts | F-10 curriculum

Yo puedo – AT

Students completed a series of exercises to reinforce their understanding of a language function (verb plus infinitive) and to use new vocabulary in relation to leisure activities. These exercises included creating simple sentences to describe what activities …

Yo puedo – AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

Yokine Primary School

Yokine Independent Public Primary School is situated ten kilometres from Perth CBD. The school profile has changed significantly over the last seven years with an increased enrolment of students for whom English is an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D).The …

Yokine Primary School | Illustrations of practice | Primary curriculum | Resources

Διάλογος μεταξύ νέων φίλων – AT

Students learnt about hobbies and interests, how to express preferences and how to invite using imperatives. In this task students presented a dialogue they had scripted between young people who meet and exchange information about themselves, and their …

Διάλογος μεταξύ νέων φίλων – AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

Τι κάνω το απόγευμα – AT

Students learnt personal and school routines for various parts of the day. In this task students wrote sentences and paragraphs in relation to the sequence of their afternoon routine, using a range of language features and functions and appropriate punctuation …

Τι κάνω το απόγευμα – AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

το ελληνικό αλφάβητο – AT

Students new to Modern Greek learn how to read, write and pronounce the Greek alphabet and discuss similarities and differences to the English alphabet. In this task, students were asked to write the Greek alphabet in order using upper and lower cases.  …

το ελληνικό αλφάβητο – AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

الاحتفالات الوطنية – AT

Students discussed the ways in which Arabic speaking countries celebrate their national days. Students learned how to talk about and describe activities and the atmosphere of particular events in which people celebrate with a sense of pride and personal …

الاحتفالات الوطنية – AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

예요 and 이에요 – AT

Students learnt about occupations, jobs and necessary tools. As part of this unit, students learnt the two verb endings 예요 and 이에요 and the rules associated with each. Students completed activities that required them to choose the correct ‘be’ verb endings. In …

예요 and 이에요 – AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

우리 가족 – AT

Students learnt about language to present and describe their family and family members.  They discussed similarities and differences between the role of family in Korean communities and other cultures. In this task students were asked to create a brochure …

우리 가족 – AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

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