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Elaboration (2) ACHASSK089

investigating how knowledge and practices shared among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are linked to sustainable use of resources and environments (such as rotational use and harvesting of resources, mutton-bird harvesting in Tasmania, the …

literacy ethical-understanding intercultural-understanding critical-creative aboriginal-torres sustainability

Elaboration (2) | ACHASSK089 | Content Descriptions | Year 4 | HASS | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration ACDSEH062

exploring theories about the decline of the Khmer civilisation (for example, the development of an unstable climate such as drought and monsoons; the rise of Theravada Buddhism; the breakdown of Angkor’s water management system)

critical-creative intercultural-understanding literacy asia-australia sustainability

Elaboration | ACDSEH062 | Content Descriptions | Year 8 | History | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (1) ACTDEP051

evaluating and justifying the use and best combination of traditional, contemporary and emerging technologies during project development, including consideration of sustainability, for example farming methods in South-East Asia

critical-creative information-communication literacy ethical-understanding intercultural-understanding asia-australia sustainability

Elaboration (1) | ACTDEP051 | Content Descriptions | Years 9 and 10 | Design and Technologies | Technologies | F-10 curriculum


Use digital technologies to communicate with their peers to identify and agree on a collaborative project that is environmentally sustainable

literacy critical-creative information-communication personal-social sustainability Elaborations ScOT Terms

ACWOP046 | Content Descriptions | Options | Work Studies | F-10 curriculum

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