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Elaboration (5) ACHASSI157

identifying and distinguishing points of view of different individuals and groups about a public issue (for example, the development of wind turbine farms, a contentious residential development by a large company, the corporate harnessing of water in …

personal-social critical-creative ethical-understanding literacy sustainability

Elaboration (5) | ACHASSI157 | Content Descriptions | Year 7 | HASS | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (3) ACHASSK137

considering the contribution of groups and organisations in the development of Australia in the twentieth century (for example, the CSIRO, environmental action groups, farming cooperatives)

intercultural-understanding literacy personal-social critical-creative ethical-understanding sustainability

Elaboration (3) | ACHASSK137 | Content Descriptions | Year 6 | HASS | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (5) ACTDIP042

reviewing state, national and regional policies and analysing the potential impact of each. Examples of policies include: Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework, the Australian Government ICT Sustainability Plan 2010–2015; the Green …

literacy personal-social ethical-understanding critical-creative information-communication asia-australia sustainability

Elaboration (5) | ACTDIP042 | Content Descriptions | Years 9 and 10 | Digital Technologies | Technologies | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (4) ACTDEP017

comparing the amount of waste that would be produced from different design and development options and the potential for recycling waste

literacy critical-creative numeracy personal-social ethical-understanding sustainability

Elaboration (4) | ACTDEP017 | Content Descriptions | Years 3 and 4 | Design and Technologies | Technologies | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration ACHASSI103

making judgements about how effectively challenges have been addressed in the past (for example, relative success of solutions to challenges during colonial settlement) or how effectively a current challenge is being addressed (for example, the solution …

literacy personal-social ethical-understanding critical-creative sustainability

Elaboration | ACHASSI103 | Content Descriptions | Year 5 | HASS | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (3) ACHASSI077

exploring different viewpoints about the sustainable use of a place (for example, environmental management laws and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ practices)

literacy critical-creative intercultural-understanding personal-social aboriginal-torres sustainability

Elaboration (3) | ACHASSI077 | Content Descriptions | Year 4 | HASS | Humanities and Social Sciences | F-10 curriculum

Elaboration (4) ACTDEK029

investigating traditional and contemporary design and technologies, including from Asia, and predicting how they might change in the future in response to factors such as social change and the need for more sustainable patterns of living

critical-creative literacy information-communication intercultural-understanding personal-social asia-australia sustainability

Elaboration (4) | ACTDEK029 | Content Descriptions | Years 7 and 8 | Design and Technologies | Technologies | F-10 curriculum


Use digital technologies to communicate with their peers to identify and agree on a collaborative project that is environmentally sustainable

literacy critical-creative information-communication personal-social sustainability Elaborations ScOT Terms

ACWOP046 | Content Descriptions | Options | Work Studies | F-10 curriculum

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