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HASS - Satisfactory - Year 4

This portfolio of student works shows that the student can recognise the significance of events in bringing about change (WS2, WS3) and the importance of the environment (WS6). The student explains how and why life changed in the past (WS3) and identifies …

HASS - Satisfactory - Year 4 | Portfolios | Work samples | Resources

Who are we? – AT

Students answered a series of questions based on class data gathered and represented by the teacher as part of an interdisciplinary unit on Australian identity. They reflected on their learning experiences, including songs such as ‘I Am Australian’, and …

Who are we? – AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

Design project: Water - AT

Students investigated water management systems in the school and made suggestions for design improvement, or offered alternative designs to solve perceived problems. They were required to submit a labelled diagram/drawing of their design idea including …

Design project: Water - AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

Design project: Food - AT

Students investigated how to collect suitable materials for composting at their school to improve recycling, reduce waste and improve the productivity of the school kitchen garden. Students designed and produced drawings of a composting system for food …

Design project: Food - AT | Samples | Work samples | Resources

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