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Classification - ABOVE

Students investigated the role of classification in the biological sciences. After a visit to a local wildlife park, where students observed features and behaviours of Australian animals, they analysed how scientists develop hierarchical classification …

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Concrete sculpture – ABOVE

In prior learning activities, students learnt concepts and performed experiments relating to chemical and physical changes. They had performed a research investigation into the rock cycle with a particular focus on the processes of weathering and erosion. This …

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Periodic table pamphlet – ABOVE

Students were asked to create a 'How to use the Periodic Table' guide which details the trends of the Periodic Table including the chemical background of one particular Group or Period. Students were asked to consider types of elements, ions and the electronic …

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Water purification - ABOVE

In a teaching and learning unit on pure substances and mixtures, students investigated different types of mixtures and explored scientific terminology used to describe their components, states of matter, reversible and irreversible changes, aspects of …

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