Work Studies

Learning area


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Upper-case ‘P’ is used when reference is to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Lower-case ‘p’ is used when reference is made to a range of groups or tribes in a collective sense

applied learning

the use of skills, knowledge and understanding to complete tasks, solve problems and/or implement projects in a particular context or environment

Asia-relevant capabilities

the universal capabilities for the 21st century contextualised within the Asian region, including open-mindedness, observation, creative thinking, analytical thinking, respectful interaction, effective communication, and knowledge and understandings of the countries of Asia and its peoples


the sequence and variety of work roles (paid and unpaid) undertaken throughout a lifetime, including life roles, leisure activities, learning and work

career development and management

individuals managing learning, work and life and the ever-changing contexts that occur throughout their lifespan

community-based project

the connection between meaningful community activity and classroom experiences and then addressing specific community problems, issues or practices


the tendencies to act or think in a particular manner under given circumstances; a state of mind regarding something; an inclination or characteristic attitude

distinct profile

building an inventory of work skills, personal strengths, values, talents, motivations, goals, and experience that highlights personal attributes, skills and distinctiveness and can be used to enhance access to work opportunities


an organisation such as a business, community or government agency


someone who undertakes a significant project or activity finding new and better ways of doing things; they are opportunity aware, take risks and utilise a range of behaviours, such as initiative and innovation, that create value and contribute to their success

entrepreneurial behaviours

behaviours that demonstrate confidence, initiative, innovation and creativity, global competency and empathy, an awareness of opportunity and a willingness to take risks that can all be applied to a range of contexts

entrepreneurial mindset

the group of personal dispositions which contribute to identifying and/or creating opportunities, and implementing these dispositions in a productive way in a work context


a highly self-motivated, proactive and action-oriented individual who displays initiative, leadership, risk-taking and creative thinking within an organisation or workplace for the benefit of the organisation or workplace

life design

career management that pursues contextual possibilities, responds to dynamic processes and change, non-linear progression and personal patterns

lifelong learning

the ongoing, voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge, understanding and skills development for either personal or professional reasons – enhancing personal development, competitiveness and employability

project-based activity

any activity that involves students working on a real-world task or challenge, typically with a public outcome


the respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, valuing justice and equity for all Australians and the unity and respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and other Australians


the capacity for individuals to exercise introspection to learn more about their fundamental nature and purpose, their skill set, to learn from mistakes and gain deeper insight, to develop self-awareness and grow personally and professionally, to help with clarifying priorities, strengths and goals, and build resilience


an individual’s ability to communicate effectively, convey, negotiate or assert their interests, know their rights and responsibilities, make choices and decisions and take responsibility for themselves and their decisions

social and policy entrepreneur

an entrepreneur with a social mission to create and sustain social value; they pursue new opportunities to serve the social mission and engage innovation, adaptation and learning to add social value


a situation in which an individual is without paid work and is actively seeking work


a set of activities with an intended set of outcomes, from which it is hoped that an individual will derive personal satisfaction; it is not necessarily tied to paid employment and can encompass other meaningful and satisfying activities through which an individual’s career develops, such as parenting or volunteering

work culture

the work environment including the policies, protocols and accepted practice of a particular workplace. It includes the way people interact with others in the workplace, go about their work and the practices they undertake in this environment.

Work Health and Safety (WHS)

legislation (2011) that covers the physiological and psychological wellbeing of people engaged in work and employment; employers and employees have a common law duty to take reasonable care to guard everyone’s health and safety in the workplace

work skills

the broad knowledge, skills and attributes required to gain work and become an effective participant in work including the skills related to career development and managing transitions

work-related learning

learning that predominantly provides the key work-related knowledge, skills and competencies needed to participate effectively in the world of work

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