F–10 Curriculum

In 2014, Foundation to Year 10 Australian Curriculum is being implemented in all states and territories of Australia. It includes learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities that together support 21st century learning.
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Senior Secondary Curriculum

Fifteen senior secondary Australian Curriculum subjects across English, mathematics, science, history and geography have been developed in consultation with teachers, education authorities, academics, peak bodies and industry.
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Student Diversity

The Australian Curriculum promotes excellence and equity for all students by providing a challenging curriculum from which rigorous, relevant and engaging learning programs can be developed that address individual learning needs.
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Welcome to our new website!

Thank you to all who gave us feedback on the test website, you’ll see our new site offers improved navigation and functionality and a number of exciting new features, including the ability to:

  • see ‘What’s New’
  • select and filter curriculum elements such as subjects, strands and year levels
  • view each subject on a single screen
  • view multiple subjects across a number of year levels, to allow curriculum connections to be made
  • download and print documents in Word as well as PDF
  • provide targeted feedback on curriculum elements such as content descriptions.


Scootle video

Scootle provides digital resources for teachers and students mapped to the Australian Curriculum . ›

Language Learning Space

Language Learning Space

The Language Learning Space (LLS) provides learning resources and services for students and teachers of Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian languages. ›

What's new
Designing lessons for gifted and talented students

Teachers of gifted and talented students can access relevant and engaging materials that are drawn from the Australian Curriculum.

Illustrations of Personalised Learning are a suite of materials that show how teachers can use the Australian Curriculum to make adjustments for gifted and talented students. Illustrations of Personalised Learning comprise a video showcasing a particular school’s approach, along with additional resources for teachers including the relevant references to the Australian Curriculum, questions for staff discussion and program documents.

The purpose of Illustrations is to provide advice on how teachers can use flexible design of the Australian Curriculum to meet the individual learning needs of gifted and talented students, and make necessary adjustments to meet students’ individual learning needs. Each illustration of personalised learning (for Year 2 and Year 5) demonstrates how a teacher accesses the curriculum to plan quality teaching and learning programs for their gifted and talented students.

You can see the Illustrations of Personalised Learning, including the videos, on the Australian Curriculum website.

Primary Matters

The latest version of Primary Matters is now available.

AC Website Survey

We want your feedback on the Australian Curriculum website to inform possible future improvements and enhancements. The website survey will be open until the end of September.

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Improving the Australian Curriculum

ACARA is seeking to improve the learning of all young Australians through the development of a national curriculum. Work is underway to improve the Australian Curriculum addressing themes endorsed by the Education Council. These themes are: uncrowding the curriculum; rebalancing the curriculum; improving accessibility for students with disability; and parental engagement.

ACARA is undertaking a program of work of developing, consulting and seeking agreement in relation to proposed actions. This includes undertaking targeted consultation with key stakeholders, including state and territory curriculum and school authorities and practising teachers, around any changes.

See our new factsheet on what ACARA is doing to address themes to improve the Australian Curriculum


Feedback can be provided on the new Australian Curriculum website by clicking on this link:

Specific feedback can be provided when you are viewing the content descriptions for the learning area or subject. Click on the code next to the content description and select the feedback icon in the pop-up box.

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