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ACARA Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

Content description ACSHE161

Science / Year 9 / Science as a Human Endeavour / Use and influence of science
Content description
Advances in science and emerging sciences and technologies can significantly affect people’s lives, including generating new career opportunities
  1. investigating how technologies using electromagnetic radiation are used in medicine, such as in the detection and treatment of cancer
  2. investigating the use of nanotechnology in medicine, such as the delivery of pharmaceuticals
  3. considering the impact of technological advances developed in Australia, such as the cochlear implant and bionic eye
  4. considering how communication methods are influenced by new mobile technologies that rely on electromagnetic radiation
  5. recognising aspects of science, engineering and technology within careers such as medicine, medical technology, telecommunications, biomechanical engineering, pharmacy and physiology
General capabilities
  • Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability