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ACARA Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

Content description ACELY1788

English / Year 1 / Literacy / Interacting with others
Content description
Use interaction skills including turn-taking, recognising the contributions of others, speaking clearly and using appropriate volume and pace
  1. identifying turn-taking patterns in group and pair work (for example initiating a topic, changing a topic when appropriate, staying on task, supporting other speakers, eliciting responses, being supportive and attentive listeners, asking relevant questions, providing useful feedback, prompting, checking understanding, 'sharing the talking space')
  2. participating in pair, group and class speaking and listening situations, including informal conversations and class discussions, contributing ideas and listening to the contributions of others
  3. taking turns, asking and answering questions and attempting to involve others in discussions
  4. demonstrating active listening behaviour and responding to what others say in pair, group and class discussions
  5. experimenting with voice volume and pace for particular purposes including making presentations, retelling stories and reciting rhymes and poems
  6. attempting correct pronunciation of new vocabulary
General capabilities
  • Literacy
  • Personal and social capability